1. Tours

    • Tour Farm seeing goats, chickens and ducks

    • Learn about benefits of animals and how to care for them.

    • Learn about gardening

  2. Garden tilling

    • Enjoy having a garden without the painstaking process of tilling.

    • Tilling jobs will be bid on a per job basis.

  3. Wood chipping/mulching around trees

    • Improve the health and beauty of your trees and landscaping.

    • Chip/Mulch jobs will be bid on a per job basis.

  4. Goat/chicken sales

    • Goats – Get on the waiting list to purchase goats for spring of 2020.

    • Chickens – To raise chickens as babies, you need to purchase separate feeders, water systems, use heat lamps, and purchase specials feeds.  Forgo all this and let our Farm raise your chickens for first couple months.

  5. Consignment sales

    • Use our site to advertise your hobby farm equipment, machinery, and recreational equipment.  There is no cost if It doesn’t sell.

  6. Equipment rentals

    • Camping – Want to camp on a hobby farm and be near the animals?  Reserve a weekend/week on our farm.  This inclusive weekend will include use of our camper, our fire pit and roasting sticks, camping stove and grill, swing and lawn chairs.  Take part in animal care and collect fresh eggs for breakfast.  Clearly lake Park is nearby and use of our canoe and paddles included.  Don’t have wood for a fire?  Don’t worry, we do and it’s included.  $125/night (2 night minimum)

    • Trailers

      • 5x8 Trailer $40/day.

      • Garden Trailer $20/day

      • Grass collector $10/day

    • Canoe

      • Canoe and paddles - $30/day

    • Tents

      • Event Tent - Rent our tent (20x20) for $125/day (sides to enclose included if desired)

      • We will drop off, set up, take down, and pick up for $100 additional.

      • Camping Tents For rent as well

        • 8x8

        • 10x12

        • 15x15

        • Eddie Bauer