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Hurricane passed on to animal heaven on December 28th, 2021.  Hurry, as she was often called, never hurried anywhere.  She was calm, peaceful, and loving and enjoyed a good head or chin scratch.  In her younger days, she modeled and won many shows.  As she got older, she would often share/steal mats from attendees at goat yoga and loved that event as much as anything.  She communicated with her eyes, smiled at times and learned many commands including kisses.  They were sloppy but sweet.  Hurry was the matriarch of the herd and was a loving mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. She is survived by her loving human mama and caretaker Mary, daddy/BFF/napping buddy Robbie, thousands of fans, and many goat descendents.  Hurricane is the reason we fell in love with goats, and the reason why the Gray Hobby Farm introduces thousands of people to goats annually.  We will always love her and miss her cuddles and kisses

Intro to our herd 5.png
Gleda's kidding!    5/25/2022

Amadeous's kids are due 5/27/2023

Daisy's Kids-2021.

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Kids due 4/25/2023

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