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  • Goats

    • Nigerian Dwarf goats have the highest milk fat of any goat making it great for cheeses, soaps, etc... And it tastes awesome.  This breed is also very sweet and loving. 

    • Breeding does (females) and wethers (neutered male goats) are available each year.  Wethers make great pets while does allow you to breed your own herd. 

    • Wethers are $200 per goat or $150 for 4 or more.

    • Does are $500 to $700 depending on attributes.

    • Visit the farm, meet our goat mamas & put a deposit down on your spring babies.

  • Chickens

    • To raise chickens as babies, you need to purchase separate feeders, water systems, use heat lamps, and purchase specials feeds.  Forgo all this and let our Farm raise your chickens for first couple months.

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