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Goat Yoga FAQs

​Will the goats climb on me?

Potentially.  Goats love to climb as you can see on some pictures in our photo section.  And while it is limited that they climb on people, they have before, so you must be prepared for the possibility.

Will they pee or poop on me?

You are on a farm, so anything is possible.  If they start squatting, get out of the way!

Will they bite or headbutt me?

Our goats have never bitten or headbutted a human.  However, they have a tendency to nibble on things.  Do not put your fingers in their mouths.  We also recommend you do not wear jewelry.


What is typical goat behavior for a yoga class?

For the most part, goats are very calm animals.  If you are quiet and calm, they will most likely walk around amongst you as they are social animals.  They like to be pet and may graze or lay down next to you.  However, they are also a tad anxious at first.  Quick movements, loud noises, etc… will get them to walk or run away.  They may also play with each other, headbutt each other, run or jump.  Occasionally, they may climb on you, or put their hooves on you, or paw at you to get you to pet them.


Can I take photos during class?

No.  In an effort to keep the goats calm and not disrupt the class, there are no photos during class.  However, we allow people to come 15 minutes early and stay 15 minutes late to capture pictures with their favorite goats.


Can I bring someone to take photos?

No.  For the privacy of the class, and due to special considerations, we only allow paid patrons to classes.  If you would like to schedule a private time to hang with, tour, or play with goats and take pictures, that can be arranged with us.


How old must I be to take goat yoga?

You must be 6 years old to take the classes.  Kids under 18 need to be supervised by an adult in class.  The cost is the same for kids and adults.


Do you do private classes?

Yes.  You can schedule private classes by contacting us via phone or email.  The availability of private classes depends upon instructor availability.


What is the Cancellation Policy?

If you desire to cancel your class and receive a full refund, we require the cancellation 1 week in advance or more so that we have time to fill the space.  Cancellations less than one week, but greater than 48 hours, will be provided a different goat yoga class in exchange.  Cancellations less than 48 hours will not receive a refund or a voucher for a new class.


What is your weather policy? 

If the Gray Hobby Farm has to cancel class due to inclement weather, instructor illness, or any other emergency, all participants will be given a voucher for another class.  The Gray Hobby Farm will notify all attendees as soon as possible as to the situation, and will follow up via email or text to get you signed up for another class.  If the situation occurs after Labor Day, attendees will have the option to receive a full refund for the class.

How many goats do we have?

We typically have between 11 and 18 goats depending on how many babies are born in the spring. 

Who teaches the classes?

We have multiple instructors:  Bios are available of them on our goat yoga page of the website.  They are all certified Yoga instructors and love goats.  We recognize that goats can be a little unpredictable in their behavior, but the quality of our instruction is top notch.


What are typical class days and times?

At this time, we hold classes on Monday and Wednesday evenings, as well Saturday mornings.  Private events can be scheduled based on instructor availability.


Are there bathrooms?

Due to the pandemic, we do not allow people in our home.  Emergency situations can utilize our camper bathroom.  Since classes are only an hour in length, it is ideal if you use the restroom before arriving so that class isn’t interrupted.  However, if you need to use the restroom, please let the instructor know.


Do I bring a yoga mat?

No.  You do not need a yoga mat.  We provide mats.  Goats have a tendency to want to nibble on them and they may get dirty.  Using our mats is perfectly acceptable.  Our mats are sanitized daily after classes.


What should I wear?

Dress for the elements as you will be outside.  Loose clothing is enticing to nibble on for the goats.  Items like strings from a hooded sweatshirt, baggy clothes, gloves, etc… might get you more attention, but trust me, it gets annoying after a while.


Is there hand sanitizer available?

Yes.  We have been fortunate to never have a situation of animal to human illness transmission, but anything is possible.  If you use the sanitizer after class, please do not touch the goats again after doing so.  Washing your hands with antibacterial soap before you leave home is all we ask before visiting the goats.  Note:  We do not use hand sanitizer for ourselves.  We have always used soap and water.  However, we note personal preferences of many who may prefer hand sanitizer.


Should I take off my jewelry?

Yes.  We have never had a goat rip out an earring, but it is entirely possible.  So please remove jewelry for safety reasons, and for the sake of not losing valuable items as we do not take responsibility for lost, stolen, or eaten items.  We also recommend putting your hair back if you have longer hair.


Is there water available?

You are welcome to bring your own water but it must remain outside the goat enclosure.  Please ask if you desire a bottle of water.

Can I come early or stay after?

Yes.  Please feel free to come 15 minutes early to get acquainted with the goats.  Please do not enter the goat area until accompanied by the instructor or the owners.  Entering without a familiar face will alarm the goats, and they will most likely be averse to human interaction for the remainder of the class.  You can also stay after, take pictures, ask questions, etc…


Is it ok to wear perfume/cologne or is that bad for the goats?

No. We ask people to wear as few smellable items as possible.  Perfume or colognes that get on the babies may alarm the mom into rejecting her baby.  So please no strong scents in class.

What will attract the goats to me?

Remain calm, and make slow movements, the goats typically will head your way at some point.  They like to be pet like a dog, and sometimes like scratching under the chin or behind ears.


What scares goats away?

Fast movements, loud noises, touching them on or near their hind ends, will all get them to go away.  They don’t like patting on the top of their head, or touching on their muzzles.


What can I expect from a goat yoga class?

We can guarantee you will get a great yoga class from a certified instructor with lots of experience.  The goats, however, are different for every class.  Goats may be loving and snuggly, or active with each other.  They may interact with people or keep their distance.  But everyone will get to spend time with goats before or after class if it doesn’t occur during the class.

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