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Eggs & Organic Produce

Organic Chicken Eggs

Square Stage

Organic Goat Soap

Fresh Produce

Organic Peppers

  • Green King Arthur Bells-2/$3

  • Red Bell $2/each

  • Jalapenos 3/$1


  • Honeycrisp – everyone has had a crispy and sweet Honeycrisp

  • Haralson – My favorite for eating.  A little more tart than Honeycrisp but also my “pie” apple.  Also great for apple crisp.

  • Honeygold – a softer green apple.  Good for eating and juicing.

Image by Pierpaolo Riondato

Organic Tomatoes

  • Heirlooms

  • Cherry

  • Romas

  • Big Beef/Big Boy


$2 for small to medium.

$3 for large

Organic Tomatoes

 Canned Goods

  • Raspberry Rhubarb jam. Half pint jars $7. Usually ripen for 2 weeks in July but jams are available for much of the year. 

  • Pizza Sauce: Pints $6

  • Pasta Sauce: Quarts $10

  • Applesauce - A pint of Honeygold applesauce is $7.  Quarts available for $13.

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